Augmented Reality


SOL 5.5 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts, narrative nonfiction, and poetry. (f) Identify and ask questions that clarify various points of view.


  1. Hang POV task cards around the room
  2. Tell students they are going to be going around the room in groups of two. They will read the task card and try to decided what the point of the story is
  3. After they have written down all their answers they can use the class Ipads and the app Blippar to find the answers
  4. Model how to open app and how to scan the pictures



If I had really gotten to explore Blippar I may not have decided to use it. The interface it very user friendly however it takes a super long time to publish the image. On top of that, the app malfunctions a lot so it’s a toss up whether or not the app will scan. Other than that, I love augmented reality and cannot wait to use in my classroom


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