Philosophy of Teaching

My Teaching Philiosphy

My Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has always included how I plan to teach and to learn. First and foremost, I have always wanted to include every student in their own education. Every student should feel that they are receiving the education they deserve, this includes differentiating to accommodate for both my higher and lower students. Next, I will have a welcoming and positive classroom environment. I want all of my students to feel comfortable so that my classroom is a place they feel they can share and collaborate. Finally, the learning in the classroom will be hands-on and active. I want my students to get up and move. In elementary school, students need to be able to touch, feel and see their learning. Once to twice a week, I plan to have an activity planned for my students that requires them to get up, move and communicate with other students. I want to ingrate technology into my lessons at least once a week. My students will engage in a technology-integrated lesson that allows them to investigate an essential question.